Is there a difference between praying in tongues and speaking in tongues and is this video powerful evidence praying in tongues is the best praise?

It appears there in powerful evidence that speaking in tongues is the highest form of praise given to God.

From this video, what are your top 2 thoughts?

Please tell me. This 8 and a half minute long video really touched me in a spiritual manner. Hoe excited are you in my sharing of this with you?

I have always considered praying in tongues to be quite different from speaking in tongues. When praying in tongues, there does not need to be an interpreter but there does when speaking in tongues. Tongues edifies the church in many ways.
  • There is a difference and it is more powerful praying in tongues
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  • There is a difference and it is more powerful speaking in tongues
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  • No difference. Both are equally very powerful form of praise and/or worship
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  • I am unknowledgable to answer
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  • There is no difference in praying or speaking in tongues. There are many different tongues of the spirit as there are many different tongues of the devil. The main thing is having spiritual discernment of what is tongues from where. Both are very powerful as I began speaking in tongues myself. One must do so in boldness and allowing the Holy Spirit to come forth and actually work in you. It does work. People just don't like it working and is of the devil. It's okay to fear it, but one must respect the Holy Spirit and God's authoritative reverence.


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  • I am highly skeptical of the tongue speaking and praying that goes on today. I certainly believe that this miracle was certainly manifest in the 1st century and probably a couple centuries thereafter. But if people have such supernatural gifts today, why is no church in line with the original Church that Christ established? (documented in A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs, etc.). Today's tongue speaking/praying could be an inner psychological reaction and wishful thinking.

    • Because many have fallen short and not all tongues are from God.

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  • I guess D? There's not really anything biblical to praying in tongues in the common practices we see. Speaking in tongues/ glossolalia in the Bible is mentioned 4-5 times. In each case it's quite clear that glossolalia is actually a comprehensible language. The glossolalia practiced in most pentecostal churches is incomprehensible gibberish and studying it has shown that there's no actual linkage between the words/ utterances and ideas. This means that a person who claims to be speaking in tongues may say "mof" in one sentence meaning "dog", but in the very next sentence use the word "mof" meaning "house".

    When I was a Christian I was a Cessasionist. This means that I believed that these sorts of gifts of the spirit (like glossolalia and prophecy) stopped after the early christian movement. The idea is that these gifts were necessary for the early apostles, but were no longer necessary today as we all have the gift of the holy spirit which was enough. I believed that those who purport to practice glossolalia (like my step father) were either being deceptive or were themselves deluded into speaking gibberish.

    As an atheist now I similarly believe that people who purport to practice are either charlatans or themselves deluded. We know that this practice can be a self-induced learned behavior, and the belief that this is a sign of being chosen by god makes it perfectly plausible for people to do so.

  • Fake as fuck. It’s funny but speaking and or praying in tongues only started in the early 20th century about the same time Pentecostal churches came into being. It’s also funny that speaking in tongues and flopping around on the floor like a fucking idiot only happens in Pentecostal charismatic type churches. Before the early 20th century that bullshit was unheard of

  • There is no difference. It is all just a bunch of bull that they are making up as they go along. Had an old pastor friend say tell me that when he was in seminary they taught them how speak in tongues. The instructor told them to say "I should have bought a Honda but I bought a Nissan" really fast and just slurr a bunch of random sounds together.

    • That's not real tongues. Was this in a Catholic church? They're not of God, many people who are Catholic are badly deceived. Tongues are of the spirit, and you can't reproduce or teach that. If it sounds like murmuring, it's demonic.

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    • @btbc92 I've gone to church all of my life (until recently), I've met hundreds of religious fanatics, I've seen people throw themselves on the floor bawling, supposedly over taken by the holy spirit. Honestly I've never seen anything that I thought was genuine. It is just theater, and attention seeking. I believed it for a while because that's how I grew up but at a very your age 13-14ish I really started questioning how any logical person could believe such nonsense.

    • Point is is that it really all depends on how sensitive you are in a spirit. If you had no desire to really know the Lord 9/10x you weren't really a believer. If you seen people just throwing themselves on the floor, sometimes it has to do with demons being fought, and it's an eternal battle. Demons are in fact real and they can do that to a person especially if they've been possessed. So it really all depends what is happening in those present moments. But sadly and some places it is show instead of the real thing. There was nothing wrong with questioning anything, but it really all points to what is your overall stance. You are either going to serve Christ or you weren't. And it appears you had made your choice.

  • I hope you know that I was accused of this by a catholic priest who threw holy water on me and thrusted a cross in my face p, apparently they believe speaking in "tounges" is Communication with the devil by the way I was speaking in Norsk (Norwegian) don’t know why people do it and will honest I do tend to laugh and thought the whole reason for it was to make people laugh.

  • It’s certainly a very intriguing phenomena that lends credence to Christianity.

  • "B" Bible is The King James Version. xx

  • I never prayed in my life.


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