Do you have a separate word for god and the God in your language?

For example the Arabic word for god is ilah. God/ilah can refer to anything that can be worshipped. A stone. A person. But the word for the God, that Jews, Christians and Muslims believe created everything is Allah. God is a god, but no other god is the God. Likewise in arabic, Allah is an ilah, but no other ilah is Allah.

Technically, I'm asking you does your language have a name for the God or does it just use the word for god (like in English), but capitalized.
If you know please write down and don't forget to write down the language. If you know about other languages, write that also.

In my language, Macedonian, god/ilah translates to бог (bog) and it can be made plural богови (bogovi) but the word for (or rather the name of) the God is Господ (Gospod) and it refers only to the god of Jews, Christians and Muslims. It can not be made plural as it only refers to one thing, just like in Arabic.

I also know about turkish, where god god slates to tanrı and can be made plural as tanrılar, but they use the arabic Allah as the name of God.
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This question is mainly aimed at people who speak languages other than English since I obviously know that English does not have a different one.
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And I'd also appreciate it if you included your language even if it does not have one, because I need it for a hobby project I'm working on.
Do you have a separate word for god and the God in your language?
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