Yo, does God make you capable of talking in tongues?

Asker of a question wanted to know if prayers were answered by god, and forbid atheists from answering the question. So, I lurked, like a jackass, and found this gem of a comment. I didn't want to reveal the people so I will label the commenter, the asker and myself and what they said.


"Ask and you will receive"

But it's usually not the same day. You'll have to wait weeks, months, or even years.

I asked to know him better and he let me speak in tongues, a Bible writing that I do not believe in (and proclaim to others it's not real) until I got the gift about 5 years ago.


You mean you suddenly spoke another language that you didn't know?


I would say, I can pray in a manner that Satan doesn't understand.

Anyway, I was extremely disturbed when US legalized gay marriage and I prayed in tongue on my journey to a church some 30km away.

Upon arrival, I got all my answers not in the sermons, but from all the songs sung.

Me, no longer having the ability to sit back idly:

... Did you, by chance, do a little angel dust when all of this happened, or?


... I said I was TRYING not to be an asshole. What do y'all think?
Yo, does God make you capable of talking in tongues?
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