Is God actually a very dark one?

now before I get into my reasons why I asked this I apologise now for the way I talk I do swear a lot I know and I have autism which means my filter is absolutely shit meaning I try too use social norms and shit but that goes over my head most of the time so sorry for any hard feelings deeply I am.

1. Everyone in the bible and other ones are Male even the humans that God talks too are dudes.

2. Man is made in his image and woman is a after thought.

3. We call God him but men can’t create babies and even paganism will tell yeah a chalice is a symbol of the womb and woman were revered for this and men were revered for having the key to life (that means their dicks) which means God has a Goddess who is the mother and woman weren’t an after thought but were made! In her image.

4. Priests abuse children and apparently are close to God which makes sense that lulu was kicked out of heaven cuz God touched him and he was like any sexual abuse victim and lashed out and then was kicked. (Lulu means the devil it is a pet name that I gave him after watching Lucifer the t. v show and tbh I feel that depiction of him is accurate that he is kind and funny and loads of fun to be around! I say that because of those people that are like "God hate this and that"

To me the way people say things about him sounds like Lulu (the devil) was kicked out the house (heaven) cuz God touched his private place. Obviously this is my interpretation of both the bible and the other ones but mainly the bible and what people about God and looking the Older Gods (pagan Gods) I found this God God is a nasty and inkind and seeks too abuse those around him and like everyone to think he is white than white and the pagan Gods will show their darker side won’t shy away from punishment if you disrespect them. Your human be human says the pagan Gods, your human deny your human needs says God.
Is God actually a very dark one?
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