What is your current belief on abiogenesis forming life?

If you vote B, C or D, tell if you think it actually occurred this way or not, despite the chance of it occurring and tell why you picked B, C, or D.

If you picked A or E, you are more in need of defending why you think it had to be an impossibility or a guaranteed result as how the first life was formed.

Personally, I believe that abiogenesis is an impossibility.


You don't have to hold to one of the main theistic views to believe in option A. Many atheistic thinkers, anti-theistic thinkers or non-theistic thinkers hold to another reason why it is impossible. Don't assume this helps God's case incase you hold to atheistic views and vote A because it has no bearing on who/what started life. This is just the process beginning of the first life. By first life, I mean absolutely first ever creature to ever live, not human life.

Please share your thoughts.
Abiogenesis is impossible, which means 0% chance (explain why)
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Abiogenesis has less than 7% chance but possible
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Abiogenesis has 7 to 70% chance of occuring
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Abiogenesis has over 70% chance of occuring but not a guarantee
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Abiogenesis absolutely happened, which means 100% chance (explain why)
Vote E
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What is your current belief on abiogenesis forming life?
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