Why Muslim women marrying non-muslims in india?

Recently my friend got married to a guy named sachin, who comes from hindu family. Even her younger sister of age 21 is having a hindu boyfriend. All family members were against her, so was our community! But still she married him with those people's support!
Many other muslim women have began to marry men outside our religion. Giving up our Quran and our culture
What the fuck is wrong with these women?
We give them everything, protect them, keep them safe, work for them.
At the end they just leave us and get away with other men.
Someone with johnson, some with shashi.
Its not a single incident. Many marriages i have been noticing our women are marrying men from some other culture. This year alone in my state it was 7. And that too they marry in their cultural methods.
How the hell can they leave Great Allah?
It boils my blood yet i can do nothing.
What is going on?
How can one stop it?
If we try to convince them they never listen and start making drama attracting people.
They dont even ask their men to convert to our islamic religion.
It feels so sad as a true muslim to tell this.
Why our women bringing shame to our religion?
Why Muslim women marrying non-muslims in india?
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