Are you acting ageinst your "god's" will?

Let's talk facts here, in the Christian beliefs no matter the versjon of it. There is the commandments and there is some rules to what to eat and a handful of other guidance, but no more then that agree? Also all created is according to your beliefs made by your god and therefore part of his plan, also agree? The second you add more rules or make a new version of the religion to better benefit you then you have in effect questioned your god and his plan. So when you demonstrate ageinst some medical issues weather it's abortion, birth control, and help that will cure an illness or what have you not. Then you are demonstrating ageinst god's plan and in effect questioned your god. The doctor or scientists behind the invention or prosigure is a human, meaning that human was created by your god and therefore acts according to god's plan.

Last part of my "rant" here, hijabs no this is a different religion, but it to is ageinst that god's plan, because it do not say in that "good" book anything about hijabs. It so how ever say covering a woman's modesty, meaning breasts, butt and private part. So hijabs in effect is ageinst god's plan.
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Are you acting ageinst your "god's" will?
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