How aware are you that atheism is a spiritual impossibility?


Which of these 3 absolutely solid proofs does Justin Taylor do the best job at showing atheism is a spiritual impossibility and that those stricken with atheism are only fleshly atheists and not atheists in the real sense? We all see ourselves at how we think we are but not as what we really are and we may sometimes think as human creatures made in God's image that listens to Satan's word and doubt God but in our true essence, we all believe God exists. Some recognize it and some hate it by declaring God doesn't exist but in our true hearts and true spirit we all know God exists no matter what people try to portray onto others. Which of these 3 are best exampled:

1. Self-Deception in Philosophical Analysis
2. An Everyday Illustration of Self-Deception
3. Application to Romans 1

Please read the explanation to all 3 of these and you will clearly have spiritual vision in the extreme and realize that we as humans indeed all know God exists. Are you relishing in the fact that you knew this and does it anger you that Satan has deceived many and there are many walking in their flesh who are believing Satan's lie that God doesn't exist? People think they believe something but they really don't. Many people don't even realize they actually believe in God if you were to mention it in other terms. It grieves my heart and I pray that members of this site can finally all realize through this website I posted that their 'unbelief' really is not unbelief. We all believe in God because we all believing the universe began and nothing can always hack contingent existences. There must be an existence in which all existences sprung forth and we can easily show and know that.

Please share if you are excited that atheism is a spiritual impossibility or if it doesn't phase you much?
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How aware are you that atheism is a spiritual impossibility?
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