How God rates Joe Biden and Donald Trump. What do you think?

So long story short, God told me not to vote for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump this election, but vote on everything else on the ballot. God said both candidates are too evil to be qualified to hold office.

Then God had me write both candidates names on a piece of paper and ask God moral questions about both candidates. God gave me a total of 9 marks against Donald Trump (Including a Capital Offense of falsely accusing another man of murder) and 4 marks against Joe Biden.

Joe Biden:
Does not oppose homosexuality, beastiality, or abortion. And regarding the sexual harassment case, both Biden and the woman were at fault, she just isn't "remembering" the facts correctly. He HAS read the Law of Moses, so he is aware real Christians are not supposed to support any of these things. Fake christian.**
Donald Trump:
Opposes Abortion and Beastiality, but does not oppose Homosexuality, is a whoremonger and a 4 times adulterer, false accuser as previously mentioned, hypocrite, has never read the Law of Moses, but has read the entire New Testament* Is worth about a 1000 times more net worth than Joe Biden but actually gives less to church and probably gives less to charity. Fake Christian.**

*there's a false christian doctrine that says you don't need to read the old testament, which a LOT of christian pastors actually teach, which is wrong and ridiculous. Otherwise Trump would know his entire lifestyle is contrary to the Law of God.
**Since Trump did read the entire New Testament, he should know from Galatians that whoremongers and homosexuals and purjured persons do not go to the Christian Heaven. Since Joe Biden has read the entire Law of Moses, he should know homosexuals and abortionists and beastiality are all punishable by death.
***Supporting Abortion by itself disqualifies Joe Biden for President in God's eyes.

Matter of Fact, God said we need to abolish the Constitution and write a new Constitution which makes the Law of Moses the Law of the Land.
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Each of them did better than the typical "Christian". 90% of Christians have never read even one book of the Bible, and can't name two books of the Bible. So Joe Biden read at least 3 books of the Bible, and Trump read about a third of the entire bible. Pretty pathetic for not even reading his favorite book even one time all the way through. I asked God whether Trump was really guilty of a Death Penalty for false accusation of murder, and SHE said, "Yes".
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by the way, God is a FEMALE. I'm sure the ladies will find that amusing. "Yahweh" more correctly translates "THE LADY" not "THE LORD". IN the book of Psalms it even describes God as a female and claims God has a womb on one occasion. Moreover, I asked God whether SHE prefers to be called a male or a female, and SHE said "Female" and said "THE LADY" is more correct. Nevertheless, "Goddess" is not correct. "God" is still more correct. "Goddess" is a pagan term.
How God rates Joe Biden and Donald Trump. What do you think?
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