Why do you think there's only one God?

The bible on several occasions acknowledges the existence of other gods, for example Psalms 86:8 “There is none like thee among the gods, O Lord, nor are there any works like thine.” The commandment "thou shalt have no other god but me" also means other gods must exist.

Now as you know I'm an atheist. And a strong argument against a creator is the fact nature is full of monumental fuck ups such as putting the human birth canal through the pelvis or the route of the recurrent laryngneal nerve is such that it travels from the brain to the larynx by looping around the aortic. in the case of the giraffe this results in about twenty feet of extra nerve. No intelligent creator would do such a thing.

BUT here's an idea, what if instead of ONE infallible INTELLIGENT creator we have a whole load of not so intelligent creators. In fact some of them could be barely competent. On earth even big brand companies bring out duff products so why would heaven inc be any different? It's easy to imagine a conversation like "what only one heart but two kidneys? You sure about that Dave?".
Why do you think there's only one God?
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