I had some weird dreams last night. What do you think?

So in one dream I was an accomplice to murder, although I didn't personally do the killing, I helped the killer get away. Which I would never do this in real life and have no explanation as to why I would dream this way. I have no idea why I had this dream and it is disturbing and it made me repent to God even though I don't even know what I did wrong, I must have done something or thought something wrong to be dreaming this way.

In another dream I fought and defeated a 4-armed Mortal Kombat Outlander in the Mortal Kombat tournament. But then the next day I got matched against Kintarro from Mortal Kombat II and although I wasn't totally useless against him, he is twice as fast and twice as strong as a human being and he basically toyed with me. He let me palm-heel strike him as hard as I could in the nose several times, which is a killing blow against a human being, and it didn't even phase him. My plan was to try to attack the muscles and nerves in his arms and wear him down gradually, but I just wasn't fast enough or strong enough to make it work. I was able to hurt his nerves in his forearms when I landed chops to his arms, but it just wasn't enough to beat him, and even eventually beat me senseless. Then after I had the dream, God spoke to me and told me he was a "Giant" and no human could beat him.

I don't know why I would dream about Mortal Kombat, because I haven't played it in like 20 years. Mortal Kombat III is my favorite one from the series, and Baraka is my favorite character to play as, so I don't know why I dreamed about Mortal Kombat II. This is actually the first time I've ever dreamed about Mortal Kombat. I can do an 11 hit 77% damage combo with Sub-zero, but he's the easiest character to do combos with.

Anyway, any thoughts what any of this might mean?
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Also, God actually told me there have been human beings born with 4 arms before, just as in modern times there was a woman born with 3 legs and 2 vaginas, but the people born with 4 arms were accused of witchcraft and demon possession and killed by christians and jews.
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Anyway, the woman and the people with 4 arms were "identical twins" that didn't divide correctly early in the pregnancy process. You could also be born with 4 arms due to a genetic mutation. In modern times, farmers have bred hogs to have extra vertebrae and ribs so it's more cost-effective to raise pork chops. So basically a 4 armed human could exist due to a genetic mutation, and they would make an excellent soldier, wrestler, or carpenter too.
I had some weird dreams last night. What do you think?
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