Why is the Christian god is so appealing?

Their god doesn’t even seem worthy of so much attention.
I say this as a former Christian myself that has been raised by the Bible.
I see and hear Christians with a passion that largely comes from obligation.
And I don’t see how feeling obligated to that god is attractive. I don’t understand the peace that someone could get out of a relationship like that.
With all the fear mongering, conditional affection, blatant neglect, gaslighting, and power play to consider... it just comes off very one sided and manipulative to me 🤷🏾‍♀️
26 d
People. I am NOT talking about the church or even acknowledging the “religion” of it all. I’m not talking about people and what they preach.
Just the character of “Christ” or god.
And I’m sorry for anyone who is confused... this applies to all Abrahamic subgroups. It’s the same god. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, and so on... the character of that god is consistent in all of those listed.
So again. Not referring at all the religion itself or the people. Just god. That’s it.
Why is the Christian god is so appealing?
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