Some Super-Human powers are physically possible in the material universe. What do you think?

We know electrokinesis exists in electric eels, and since fire is also controlled by the electromagnetic force, that means pyrokenesis is possible within the laws of physics. What's not obvious is "cryo-kinesis" is also possible within the material laws of the universe. It's possible for a biological life form to generate super-cooled stream of water that freezes on contact, like Iceman in the comics. Again, the electromagnetic force controls cold, because cold as we know it is simply the absence of heat. So presumably a biological heat pump could generate a super-cooled stream of water. God could potentially allow a righteous alien to have this power, or even potentially a righteous human, but God would never allow an evil person to have this power.

Telekinesis is evidently not possible, nor is magnetokinesis. I thought it was possible, but God told me no it is not possible (in the physical laws of the Universe) nor would God give that to humans as a spiritual gift either.

Telepathy is actually not possible either, because Telepathy violates Free Moral Agency.

Super-human strength is possible, because it's possible for proteins to be as hard as Sapphire or Kimberlite Diamond, or as strong as Spider Silk. So The Incredible Hulk might actually be physically possible. Besides, the story of Samson is one of the biblical stories I still beieve in, because God could give that to a man as a spiritual gift, and it seems reasonable that particular man had a failing of falling for all the wrong women. The failure of falling in love with the enemy's daughter, or later marrying two whores after his first divorce, seems too realistic for the story to be fake.

Super-human speed is possible. An average Cheetah can run 4.5 times faster than the world record human sprinter.

X-ray vision is not possible because ionizing radation would kill the cells in your eyes. But Terrahertz vision probably is possible, and that's actually better than X-rays anyway.
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Bullet Proof Pyrokinetic Heat Shields and Fireballs, like in the "Fire Starter" Stephen king movie/book, are physically possible and not even required to be limited to what can be explained by biochemistry. The energy can come from the background energy of the Universe. Same goes for electrokinesis.

Engineers are attempting to develop mechanical plasma shields presently, which work just like the heat shield.
Some Super-Human powers are physically possible in the material universe. What do you think?
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