Laura Not What I Prophesied. What do you think?

Just for clarity, I'm not changing the terms of the prophecy I gave. Laura is now forecast by the HWRF computer model to landfall at Lake Charles LA as a 150mph Category 4 hurricane. This is definitely not the hurricane I saw in my prophetic dream.

God is eternally righteous, and He has a right to punish unrepentant sinners, and when people's stuff is destroyed and people die in the storm, don't blame God, blame one another for being rebellious against God's Laws.

You like to murder your own babies through abortion? God will stone you through nature if nobody else will stone you as God commanded murderers to be stoned to death at the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses. Abortion, except to save the mother's life, is murder, and God is going to punish the supposedly "believing" people first for being willful sinners and rebellious, because they don't even obey their own religion.

So the Category 5 I prophesied to hit New Orleans in September is still coming. However, Lake Charles is going to be demolished if Laura intensifies anywhere near as much as the HWRF computer model says. This will be the most powerful hurricane to hit Louisiana since the Last Island Hurricane, so about 170 years.
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Two HWRF model runs in a row forecast a 150mph Cat 4 Lake Charles landfall. However, the most recent HWRF model forecasts only a 130mph Cat 4 Lake Charles Landfall.

Either way, the best intensity model is forecasting a Category 4 landfall, and this will blow Pre-Andrew houses clean off their foundation if they do not have anchor bolts, and will blow most rooftops off houses if they do not have steel hurricane straps and collar braces.
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Brick and Cinder Block walls fail at 140mph 1-minute sustained winds, so if the storm landfalls at 140mph, the average of the two model results, it will even demolish most government office buildings, because most of them don't have steel reinforcement in their walls. Steel Reinforced Cinderblock doesn't fail until 185mph 1-minute Sustained, so those structures are safe until "High Cat 5".

Pretty much anything pre-Andrew code is going to be totally destroyed regardless anyway.
Laura Not What I Prophesied. What do you think?
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