Does Hyperian Rationalism refute Empirical Science?

Does Hyperian Rationalism refute Empirical Science?
Please watch this 1 hour 1 minute video by MorgueOfficial from April 26th 2018.Do you think he has uncovered many facts that puts Hyperian Rationalism past Empirical Science? It seems to me that he is well educated in this type of spirituality. Why does he feel Hyperian Rationalism is the greater path to spirituality than that of Christianity or Empirical Science? Which of these is of greater value to you and which do you think is the truth?

Which spirituality is closer to Hyperian Rationalism: Christianity or Empirical Science?

In the 9th minute, he says science is a man made invention and tool. Folks, I am a little bit scared, this spirituality seems more challenging to Christianity than the spirituality of Empirical Science. Do you think so? This evidence seems very convincing and hard to defeat.

Does Hyperian Rationalism defeat the spiritualities of Christianity and Empirical Science?

Please share which spirituality you value the most in your life if it is one of these: Hyperian Rationalism, Empirical Science or Christianity?
Hyperian Rationalism strongly refutes Empirical Science
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Hyperian Rationalism slightly refutes Empirical Science
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Neither refutes the other
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Empirical Science strongly refutes Hyperian Rationalism
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Empirical Science slightly refutes Hyperian Rationalism
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Does Hyperian Rationalism refute Empirical Science?
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