Is there any idea what this dream could mean?

I know most people believe dreams don’t have meaning and it’s just something your brain comes up with. Most of my dreams I have, don’t connect to anything, no memories, no experiences, they just happen. So here’s my dream, I’ll make it as short as possible, my mom and I were walking in Walmart. We were shopping, I remember little pieces of us going into the dairy section, and then there were some Star Wars bags, and then we were in the clothing section. My mom was almost done checking out, I’m walking to the entrance/exit and this man stops in front of me and I try to go around him. That’s when he slid over to block me from going around him, and I remember saying “now sir”. He walks closer to me and I tell him “my mom is over there”, he doesn’t care and tries to grab my arm. That’s when I backed up and started screaming “Get away from me” to get attention. Everyone and the man stopped and looked at him. I ran back to my mom and apparently the man tried to kidnap again. That’s when multiple fights went down in the store. My mom and siblings exited and this man cut in front of us and tried to be sunglasses on us (for whatever reason) and I said “don’t you start” and he left us alone. I also just remembered that I also had a similar dream of me almost being kidnapped in or in front of Walmart. I have no negative feelings towards Walmart, but if someone can tell me what this means that would be great.
Is there any idea what this dream could mean?
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