Suggestions for Dealing with Spiritual Warfare?

last night i started falling asleep and was almost completely asleep when this voice came through my head and yelled at me and scared the crap out of me. it was so loud and commanding but whatever language it spoke i couldnt understand. but i knew it was talking to me. at first i thought it was God but it scared me so much i started shaking and crying so I knew it wasn't Him because He wouldn't scare me (but i still felt His presence near me). it eventually kinda went away so i just prayed and asked God not to scare me (i was thinking it had been Him) and then I tried going back to sleep. but the minute i started letting my brain go again it got SO bad. i started hearing these two voices (only in my head, not in my room) and they were arguing (i think about me) and they were speaking in a language i couldnt understand. at that point i was just stuck and started bawling my eyes out and sweating like crazy and begging the voices to go away, but they just kept going and every time i tried to fall asleep they would start yelling at me (instead of each other) and trying to scare me. this went on pretty much all night. eventually i yelled "in the name of Jesus Christ I banish you" and then i think they went away after that? im not sure because it was a blur at the end. i just remember crying and shaking and begging God to help me because I was so afraid. i talked to my mom this morning because i have been super jumpy and not able to shake the fear all day. she said she was dreaming last night and heard voices fighting (but they didn't scare her) and she said they sounded far away.. and then she also noticed that all of the pictures in her room and mine were crooked (as if a earthquake hit) but the rest of the house was fine and i looked it up and there was no earthquake last night (and we dont live in a place where they are common). i dont really know what it all means
Suggestions for Dealing with Spiritual Warfare?
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