A prophecy: Scientists will eventually discover the True Age of the EArth, Sun, and Universe. What do you think?

So scientists currently think the Sun is 5 to 10 Billion years old, and will live another 5 Billion years before the Red Giant phase starts. They think the Earth is about 6 billion years old, but the oldest rocks they've found are 4.56 billion years, which is why textbooks and encyclopedias use 4.56 billion years as the "age" of the Earth. They think the Universe is 13.8 Billion years old.

I suspected that the Sun and Universe were a lot older than the scientists predicted, and obviously a LOT older than the Bbile says, so I did a hand calculation of how old the Sun would need to be if it wasa a First Generation Star. So when I did a inear approximation of the differential calculation, I came up with 27.4 Billion yeas for the age of the Sun, which is almost exactly twice as old as Scientists think the Universe is, and I thought I had prove that the Universe was AT LEAAST twice as old as the Sicentists think.

So one day, a few months ago, I was thinking about all this, and God told me the Earth was 8 billion years old, and regarding the Sun, Go dtold me, "No, you don't know how to do the correct differential for that calculation. The Sun is actually 48 Billion years old, and the Universe is actually 96 Billion years old.

So I am here prophesying ahead of time that the Atheist and Agnostic and Believing Scientists will eventually find physical evidence that the Earth is 8 billion years old, and the Sun is 48 Billion years old and a First Generation Star, and the entire Universe is 96 Billion years old.

When you see this come to pass, you will then be able to believe that God exists and Divine Prophecy exists.
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The reason the Scientists haven't found 8 billion years old rocks on the Earth is because the entire crust and even the entire Mantle of the Earth has been re-melted several times in the past 8 billion years. the oldest fossils so far found on Earth are 3.8 billion years old EUKARYOTES which lived at the bottom of the ocean when the Earth was blazing hot with an Ammonia atmosphere, ammonia kills most modern life forms.
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The Scientists have known since 1998 super computer calculations that the Earth was actually at least 6 billion yeras old, because that's how long the super computers calculate is needed to produce the internal structure o fthe Earth, running all the KNOWN laws of physics. But humans do not know "all" of the Laws of physics, so their calculation is not entirely perfect. But they WANT to use 6 billion years as the age of the Earth, they just don't know how to prove the computational theory.
A prophecy: Scientists will eventually discover the True Age of the EArth, Sun, and Universe. What do you think?
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