Jewish woman owns Christian Pastor, what do you think?

So a Christian pastor was harassing a Jewish woman about the doctrin of the Trinity, and the Jewish woman responds that the "Holy Spirit" impregnating Mary would be Adultery, owning the Christian. The Christian pastor gets angry and tries to STRIKE the Jewish woman with his Bible.
Then Rabbi Tovia Singer explains why the Trinity has nothing to do with the Hebrew God and is Isolatry. (Hint: The Hebrew Bible says in three places in plain language "God is not a man... and God is not the Son of Man..."
What do you christians think now? What do Atheists think of this?
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God cannot do "Anything". God cannot contradict himself, God cannot be a Man (because he said so) and God cannot b e liar or a murderer or a cheater, and God cannot change his own nature, and God cannot break logic.

Being "Almighty" does not mean God can perform any nonsense imaginable.
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Yup, God dealt with me for ten years that Jesus of Nazareth absolutely was not "God in the Flesh". It took ten years after God first rebuked me about it, before I fully comprehended that yes, Jesus either didn't exist in the first place, or else he was a false prophet, and God was not a man, and cannot become a man, and that does not contradict the "Almightness" of God. An immortal Creator Being cannot become a mortal created being.
Jewish woman owns Christian Pastor, what do you think?
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