Why hasn't anyone posted about the murder in France?

Why hasnt anyone posted about the murder in France?
Its weird. I would have thought in keeping with the whole "Fall of Western Civilization" theme the forum has going this would have been the number one topic.

Anyway, some teacher in France showed his classroom an insulting cartoon about Islam. So one of the students chopped off his head. I guess the teenager's family comes from Chechnya. So the leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, took to the media to lecture France on their unacceptable attitude towards Muslim values.

I guess this is weird, because most of the forum doesn't know that a number of post-Soviet states are mostly Muslim. Well anyway, I feel bad for the guy's family. I will never understand how political or religious views result in violence/murder. But we have multiple extremists here in the forum, perhaps they can break it down for us.


MOSCOW—The man known as ‘Putin’s attack dog’ has spent years promoting a violent response to the publication of controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. When a teenager from a Chechen family beheaded a school teacher in France on Friday for sharing these images with his class, Ramzan Kadyrov, the Putin-backed ruler of Chechnya, took to social media to lecture France about its “unacceptable attitude to Islamic values.”

Kadyrov has worked hard to make the French controversy a cause célèbre in the Muslim-majority region of Russia. He gathered hundreds of thousands of Chechens for an anti-Charlie Hebdo rally, just a few days after terrorists killed 12 and injured 11 people at the satirical newspaper’s office in January, 2015. That was the biggest rally ever seen in the Northern Caucasus. With a white vest on, Kadyrov spoke to a crowd of about a million people, calling on Muslims to rise against those who “deliberately kindle the fire of religious hostility.”
Why hasn't anyone posted about the murder in France?
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