Have you ever experienced an evil spirit?

  • When you do things you said you wouldn't.
  • When you do things against your benefit.
  • When you do things contrary to your health.
  • When your passion leads to the suffering of others.
  • When you're overcome with desire you can't control.
Besides evil can affect the people within a context and that evil can attach itself to them. Many priests encounter individuals or situations where evil is at work, where people are oppressed by evil, or where a disturbed person appears, or claims to be afflicted by a power of evil or evil spirit. In responding to people experiencing spiritual crises, it is helpful to acknowledge that there are many views about the reality of evil. Evil is manifested in society in such things as racism, corruption, and deliberate abuse of vulnerable children and adults. It is also experienced by individuals who feel personally afflicted by spiritual evil which leads them to do things they didn't want to do.
Have you ever experienced an evil spirit?
Have you ever experienced an evil spirit?
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