Is it possible ghosts exist?

I'm going to share my supervisor's short ghost story (base on what she told us):

Her maternal grandmother (last living grandparent) died shortly after her college graduation. While in the hospital and on her final days, she promised to be there on her wedding. That's the last thing she told her.

Her wedding took place in 2016 and supposedly nothing happened. However, her nieces (twins) claimed to have briefly spoken to an elderly woman in jeans, wearing a Miami Marlins cap and a yellow blouse with butterflies. She told them ''Give (supervisor's name) her and her husband my blessings''. When the wedding ended, her nieces also claimed she was then standing besides them smiling, before walking away and disappearing. After they told her all that, she got emotional. It fitted the perfect description of her late grandmother.

I'm not sure of believer in ghosts but sometimes it does make me wonder if there is something else after death. Is it possible ghosts can exist?
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17 d
Her nieces were 7 year-old at the time. They were only 6 month-old babies when her grandmother died. They didn't know about her at all. They got her physical description correctly without ever knowing her.
Is it possible ghosts exist?
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