Why are some Christians opposed to celebrating Christmas?

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The only objection I hear is that "it's a pagan holiday". One problem with this though is that there is evidence that the Christians celebrated Christmas from the Church's earliest days.
  • Pope Telesphorus (reigned from approximately AD 126 to 137) is believed to have celebrated the Midnight Christmas Mass during his pontificate.
  • Theophilus, a bishop in Caesarea (approximately AD 115 to 181), argued for December 25th as Christ's date of birth.
  • Saint Hippolytus (lived from AD 170 to 240) also claimed December 25th.
However, even if those sermons or historical records are false, so... what?

If you believe what Christianity teaches, then you believe that God is our Creator and Lord, that man sinned against Him, and that Jesus Christ is "the way, the truth, and the life" Who was sent to break the power of sin and death over us; a handful of Bible verses also describe Christ as a "conqueror". Matthew's Gospel also tells us that Christ specifically desired to establish a Church with teaching authority.

If all that is true, then by His Life, Death, and Resurrection, Christ reclaimed what originally belonged to God the Father in the first place: our souls, our bodies, our culture, and yes, our calendar too. Therefore, the Church has the right to designate any day it would choose as a holy day, including Christ's Birth.

For a Christian to argue that Christmas is a pagan holiday is to surrender to paganism.
Why are some Christians opposed to celebrating Christmas?
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