Muslim husband is being spiritually attacked?

Me and my husband these last few years have been having our struggles in our relationship long story short out of no where he has started having manic episodes my husband is Muslim and very well educated on the religion over the years he has fallen short by not praying and also started drinking alcohol well this weekend he had a episode where he went to the cemetery where his grandparents are buried with a gun he was threatening to take his life we have a new baby two months old and when he sent me that text about what he was about to do I just started praying and called on some of our Muslim friends and they went out to look for him. The next day was weird he wouldn’t talk to me and he just looked weird so eventually later on that day he opened up to me and told me he hears voices and sees things and the voices tells him to do bad things he said they tell him to hate me and also at one point told him to kill me me and him have been on and off again since the age of 15 years old and I know this isn’t him, he said he’s been trying to suppress and hide this side of himself from me but now he can’t take it anymore and wants help I’m new to this religion and just need to know who I can reach out to to help pray for him and release from him this jinn that has taken control of his mind for our own safety until we figure this out he’s going to get his own place he says he’s being hearing voices and seeing things since the age of 14 and he told his family but no one took it seriously also newborn cry’s a lot at home but when he’s out at someone else’s house he almost never cry’s he laughs and plays and fall asleep so I’m thinking whatever it is is in this house as well so I’m calling out to all Muslims who are well versed in the religion to give me advice how to move forward from here.
Muslim husband is being spiritually attacked?
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