I need help for what to do in my situation. ?

So recently me and my soon to be fiancé found out we are about to be parents. Within the span of 3 days she decided to move out and live with her parents ( we were living at my parents until we found a place of our own). But now that would be perfectly fine if her parents were normal but they aren't they are insanely religious but not in the good normal way in the way that they "see visions from God of what to do" which is a fancy way to say that this is what they force people to do but since is is "a vision from god" they make you do it because it is the will of God. So what happened is my fiancé is 11 weeks into her pregnancy (the crazy time) and they convinced her that her goal is to go on a spirit walk and their plan is for the next couple of months I will live 85 miles away (hour and a half drive) then I will move up there but they require me to sleep in her little brother's room and she will be staying in the secondary house (so two completely different buildings on the same property) until we are married which they threw a wrench in that too because now we need to go to premarital counseling (before we were planning on doing a courthouse wedding until we had the time and the money for a fancier scervice) and when the Baptist pasture that they chose for us says that we are ready that is when we can marry. And there reasoning isn't because they are being extremely overprotective parents no they already told me that and mad sure that I knew it was "a vision of god". And the problem I have is I fell in love with the person she was before this happened and I mean I am willing to do just about anything for us to have our happy little family but I am just worried that her parents are gonna limit my time with our child (if we aren't married by then). And this is all ridiculous because they are acting like all is good but whats done is done there is no going back and fixing it to how they want it to be.
I need help for what to do in my situation. ?
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