Why am I expected to compromise Godly wisdom and act like a complete fool to find a woman?

For example, I totally oppose drunkenness, which is against the Wisdom of Proverbs, and yet the vast majority of single women in the U. S. get drunk on a regular basis. People don't go to bars or blubs to meet people, they go there to get drunk. Most of the women in clubs are already their with another man, not there to meet a new man.

I don't want to hang around a woman who drinks or smokes, because if she doesn't respect her own body enough to not ingest poisons, which the government admits and warns you are poisons, then she's not going to respect me either.

I don't go to church to meet women, because church girls are all cultists who worship their pastor and worship money.

Nevertheless, I was praying about this, and felt like the LORD was tellling me to go to a club anyway, but He did not tell me which one. The closest club I could find was 50 minutes drive distance from me, and is closed for Covid. The other five I could find are only allowed 25% capacity, which greatly lowers the odds that any potential woman who might be interested in me woudl be there on the same day I happen to walk through the door.

To make matters worse, half the time I try to talk to women, I end up getting falsely accused of a crime even though I've literally never broken the law except minor traffic violations. I once got falsely accused of stalking by six women simultenaously at college, and every last one of them made up some bullshit out of whole cloth and accused me of followign them home and shit, even though I absolutely never did anything like that. If not for the fact I had eye witneses that I was at Wendy's eating a sandwich at that time, the police would have arrested me, but the police did nothing to my false accusers, they got away scott free.

Every time I think I'm making progress with meeting a woman, another woman falsely accuses me of a crime.

I've been falsely accused of stalking 3 times in the past 2 years on this website too.
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Apparently, Im supposed to wait until the Pandemic is over before I start looking for a woman again, and that could take several YEARS... and it' snot like I'm getting any younger or anything.

And I don't want to go to a club, because the evil bitches who hang out at clubs are exactly the ones who falsely accuse me of "stalking" just for looking at them once in a day.
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At the same time, it's not wise to do nothing about the situation either, but the fact remains if I want a woman, I'm pretty much required to compromise or discard anything remotely resembling Wisdom, and just act like a complete Godless fool the same way everyone else acts.
Why am I expected to compromise Godly wisdom and act like a complete fool to find a woman?
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