What is your zodiac sign?

Please state your zodiac sign and do you believe you carry the attributes of your sun sign? I am Virgo and I act very much so like a Virgo. I have learned that many people do not carry the traits of their sun sign because there are other determining factors such as your moon sign, Venus, and the signs you carry in your houses.

For those who do not understand the more complex parts of astrology, myself included, this may be too much for you to take it in. But in short, what I am trying to say is, the reason I act like a Virgo is because I have Virgo in many other aspects of my birth chart, for instance I am also a Virgo moon which makes me kinda psychic as most Virgo moon people are. I also carry Virgo in other placements.

The day you were born determines your sun sign, so what is your sun sign? Type your birthday in google to find your sun sign.
What is your zodiac sign?
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