What will you do when Anarchists come looking for you?

I'm not an anarchist, and I'm not longer a Christian either.

However, another Coup attempt is coming, the Christians are going to try to overthrow the U. S. government. God has confounded the Christians and God has confounded the government, because they have all rejected God day after day and year after year and generation after generation.

"Christianity has done more harm than good in the past 1000 years." - The True Creator.

I'm going to be on the LORD's side, regardless of whatever you lunatics do to one another over the coming years and decades. I'm not fighting for the Republians, not fighting for the Democrats, and not fighting for the Christians either, and not even fighting for the Jews, because the Jews have forsaken the LORD again too. They're worshiping idols and drunkenness and refuse to keep the sabbaths for which God destroyed them last two times they got destroyed.

Anyway, Christians, I don't know what you hope to accomplish. You can storm a few government buildings, but you'll get shot. you should have rebelled 20 years ago, when theybanned the Bible and Prayer from school and government, but oh technically they didn't ban prayer, they just banned prayer in the name of any God, so they pray to "God" in the broadest sense, namely like "well if there is a god, let's acknowledge his existence" and little more, but they couldn't actually care less what the True God says, right... and I have enquired after the LORD about the Old Testament of the Bible, and He told me some of the Old Testament is in fact INspired and Infallible, but evidently it isn't the Book of Genesis (obviously) and the New Testament is a n outright FRAUD. But Proverbs is true and Job is true too and I think most of Daniel is true, but not sure how to justify some of the 11th chapter..


So the LORD told me HOSEA is Inspired and INfallible, so I'll take that to mean I should marry a harlot,
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Anyway, let's see who falsely accuses me next?

Anyway, Coronavirus is here to stay. At the patheitc rate they are vaccinating people, it would take almost 7 years to vaccineate everyone ONCE, nad the virus is mutating to be immune to the vaccine already, by the time they vaccinate you know, 50 million people, the virus is already going to be immune to this round of vaccines, and they'll need to start all the way over again.

So prepare for more lockdowns, Americans.
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Your "Rights' mean nothing to God. You have a COMMAND to worship the LORD with all your heart. Maybe when you sinners fall on your faces and Beg God for mercy, and learn to comply with the mask wearing and lockdowns, then the REPENT PERMANENTLY fo your godlessness and Hedonistic lifestyles, the plague will end.

Problem is I already know you won't repent, because the LORD has already told me you won't repent.
What will you do when Anarchists come looking for you?
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