Have you ever looked up your astrochart?

It's free. Here's the link
My birthchart
My birthchart
It's basically a snapshot of where all the planets were and all of the houses at exactly when and where you were born. Each planet has a personality trait. For example Mercury is the planet for communication, Saturn is the planet for conflict, the Moon is for attraction, the Sun is your primary horoscope sign, etc. The outer ring is all of the signs. Depending on which signs hold your planets describes your personality. Even the angles of how your planets aligning with each other says something about you. Good or bad.

Do I believe in this stuff? Fuck no. Do I find it interesting? Sure. Truth is I'm seeing someone who's REALLY into this stuff and it made a pretty fun weekend. We looked at the compatibility of our charts and read the positive and negative aspects of our relationship. It's a pretty cool way to have a date in quarantine.

Hopefully this gives you an idea for an interesting date with your significant other...
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@Wade8888 just info you can find on your drivers license. Suit yourself.
Have you ever looked up your astrochart?
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