Would you say that this statement by her is offensive?

I know this girl who would constantly mock me saying I had low confidence cause I was not good at choosing attractive clothes and I had child like posture and physical manners and I rarely assumed guys liked me.

But I’ve gotten As in every presentation I’ve ever done since pre school except one where my partner ditched me 40 minutes before the presentation and I had 40 minutes to plan her half of the program which she had 6 weeks to do herself

And I can talk to 8000 people as easily as I can breath oxygen. For me drinking water or sitting in a chair is more difficult than lecturing to 10,000 strangers on an unprepared topic. I have no fear of human beings. I even told a serial killer what classes I was enrolled in in university because I was not afraid of getting killed. And when a guy hacked my email account I did not even bother to notify my contacts because I did not care about my reputation at all.

So I find it highly offensive that rather than acknowledging the confidence I do have, she mocks me for what I do not have.

My confidence is not based on my beauty or my intelligence or my strength, it’s based on my relationship with God - she is not understanding since she’s not religious.
Would you say that this statement by her is offensive?
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