Guys, Is a Christian and Satanist seeing each other ridiculous?

I did not go to church every Sunday but I was raised as a Christian and carried the teachings with me throughout my whole life to this day. As a teenager, I became interested in learning about other religions but still felt more connection to Christianity. That being said, I always respected that other people had different beliefs from mine and befriended others despite or religious differences. As long as they were a genuine, honest, trustworthy, good person who proved they were worthy of my friendship based on solid ethics/morals and respect.
This is where it kind of gets messy. I met a guy that is a satanist. He was raised christian or catholic and actually went to a catholic school. I would never try to "convert" him or force my beliefs on him as people like to assume us christians try to do lol. I believe it is a personal choice. If you want to learn, great! If not, your choice. But, the fact he changed to a satanist somewhere along the way makes things more complicated, because it obviously must mean he does not agree with things.

There is definitely a spark between us. We have talked /hung out with eachother for about 2 years now. We have kissed but never actually had sex. He has confessed that he really likes me and has proven this. But he has no clue that I am a Christian.

I feel like getting involved with this guy is betraying God though and I am starting to feel like this was a mistake from the beginning. Technically, our gods are polar opposites/enemies.
I feel strongly about my spirituality and feel as though what I am doing is betrayl and hypocritical. I am conflicted about letting this relationship progress.
Guys, Is a Christian and Satanist seeing each other ridiculous?
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