Do you believe the Duggars are normal Christian or is it a cult?

Jill Duggar reveal the family secrets and how Jim Bob Duggar still manage The older married girls lives even dough they are grown married adults, Jim Bob decide where and what they should live and expects to have as many grandchildren as possible. I can't imagine future 30 year old myself still getting treated like a 5 year old lol. Josh Duggar did some horrible things which I am not going to go on detail, But Jim Bob and Michelle cover for him, Josh cheated on his wife Anna which I saw no reason for him to do that from what I've seen on the show Anna Duggar took care of the kids , cook clean and always found ways to save up money and what did Josh did he pay thousands on that Ashley Madison website, While other poor man had a bitch of a wife wishing they had a wife like Anna Duggar. Poor Jana is in her 30's and still taking care of the younger ones. Jill has been banned from the Duggar family because she decide it to let her self free. Jim Bob has been exploting his poor children yet he takes all the money from the show and his grown adult children are force to appear on the counting on show but get nothing from that cash. The homeschooling curriculum is not valid so this kids don't get to socialize with other kids much less get to see what else is out there. They claim to be Christian but not sure if they attend a legit Christian church or just another cult. What do you think?
Do you believe the Duggars are normal Christian or is it a cult?
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