Can a Christian man use the Bible to abuse?

Can an abusive person be at the same time a religious person? I'm still digesting the things I went through while being with my ex. He considered himself religious and read the Bible a lot, but his actions were very different from being loving and compassionate. He constantly made me feel he was on the right track and I was on the wrong path. Even when I brought up I wanted to continue studying and specialise a little more, he rejected the idea and told me I was doing that to fill myself with vanity, and build my ego (when in reality I wanted to do that to have a better job). At one time, when I wasn't in the mood for sex, he brought up the quote in the Bible where women and men in marriage owe each other sex (we weren't even married). At the same time, he was very controlling, in the sense of banning me from posting photos of me on social media, talking to male friends, and feeling jealous even of the neighbor who lived next to my house and I didn't even know. But he put likes on bikini girl photos on social media. When I brought up that in the Bible women also worked (proverbs 31), the woman described there works to help the family financially, he was absolutely against it. Told me we weren't on the same track, he wanted to be a provider, and I shouldn't do it. He told me he wanted a woman to support his goals. He finally ended the relationship, after I told him how abusive he was being towards me. He went completely cold after the accusation and told me we had to split up. So, do you think these signs are signs of a religious narcissist? I feel he has eroded a lot the way I envision myself and my relationship with God.
Can a Christian man use the Bible to abuse?
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