Do you think this was wrong of me to do to my father?

My father is Muslim and I am Christian because of my mother, so one day me and my sister went to the grocery store to pick up boneless pork patties that look like boneless chicken patties, well we picked that up went home breaded crumbed the pork patties and cut up veggies and bread crumbed those too and baked it, the taste was amazing they tasted like awesome baked chicken patties, so we served them to my Muslim father and he enjoyed them so much... we never did it again because we felt so bad and even though he is Muslim we still asked God for forgiveness because even though I was excited in that moment and thought this would be an awesome idea, I ended up feeling bad afterwards... he still doesn't know to this day... should I tell him... it's been like 7 years now
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Again I was a younger stupid person back then so I'm much more mature now and wouldn't do such a thing now, I feel so ashamed...
Do you think this was wrong of me to do to my father?
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