Are Hybrids a bad thing?

So I’m rewriting Satomashi’s/Jahnazu’s backstory. I am considering putting the creator of the “Titanus” race in it but I’m not sure if I should since they represent God and he didn’t like hybrids. Although, those hybrids were partly made by some of his Angels so of course he wouldn’t like that. That’s like if your high school enemy banged your daughter, Omega LoL (I actually don’t know what to think of that but whatever). UduUdu UduUdu YuraAh-ha. Satomashi (and his group of friends) made Jahnazu so he could help them with a wee problem with the antagonist. (From here, this isn’t official and you must decide if it is spiritually correct) The “Titanus” of Identity was informed about this by their creator and they send information about Existential Anatomy to one of Satomashi’s friends and that is how they know about the existence of other universes and realms and rifts and voids (dimensions can fuck off because they aren’t real (well, they can be but not in the way all you filthy casuals view them)). So basically my question is, would a character who represents God encourage the existence of hybrids?
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I know. The “Titanus” of Identity tells them without being told to out of kindness
Are Hybrids a bad thing?
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