Free balling and girls looking?

So I was free balling it to class today as I do most days because it is summer. I typically wear a pair of basketball shorts (not long ones, I'm white) and a t-shirt as it is hot and that is most comfortable to go to my class and sit for three hours. As I do not really look in the mirror a whole lot from the waste down and have never really thought about it, today I suddenly thought about my penis bulge.

I have a 7 inch penis (never measured girth), so I am assuming I have something that may be somewhat noticeable. Halfway through the class we always take a break for 10min out in the hall. I was standing up against a wall talking to another guy in my class and I noticed these two girls who kept looking at me and smiling, but they were smiling at each other. When I kinda looked for a moment, I felt like they were looking at my waste. I did not get why they kept looking at me, but when I went to the restroom before going back to class I realized what they were looking at. They could not see my penis, but they could see the outline I guess and the head of my penis. The shorts I wear are not super thin either, so I guess this happens with most basketball/running shorts. I also noticed today that you can see it move a little when I walk, because I was paying a lot more attention after what had happened in the hallway.

I guess my question is, ladies when you see a guy wearing basketball/running shorts do you look at their bulge/penis? Can you tell if a guy is free balling it or going commando? And finally, do you like to see it if you can make out his penis underneath his shorts or does it bother you?

I am going to continue free balling it, because that is most comfortable to me in the summer when going to class and lounging around my apartment. I do not do it when I am going somewhere else important or when working out, just when I want to be comfy I guess.

Thanks! =)
Yes, I find it attractive when I see a guy in shorts and can make out his penis.
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I would not mind if I could make out a guy's penis through his shorts, it would not bother me.
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No, if I saw the outline of a guy's penis in his shorts it would really bother me!
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Free balling and girls looking?
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