Who would you date - the dirty friend or beauty she is jealous of? Why would she stop guys meeting her?

Who would you rather date/bang of the two girls below? PROVIDE A REASON FOR YOUR CHOICE AND WHY NOT THE OTHER.

Also why would Girl A stop guys meeting Girl B?

GIRL A: Dirty and kinky who craves attention. She is very touchy and sucks her finger? Invited to B's party, but doesn't invite her back so guys don't meet her. Always going out, everyone knows her. Not everyone likes her owing to the attention seeking. Changes the subject at the mention of B or tries to avoid mentioning her existence.
Who is hotter? Who would you date - the dirty friend or beauty she is jealous of? Why would she stop guys meeting her?

GIRL B: Beautiful girl, rumored to be very nice and friendly. In A's class, invited A to her party. A little mysterious, also rumored to be very sociable. Not many people know her.. those who know of her comment on how nice she is (as well as how hot). Very popular amongst people on her own course, strangely those on that course don't introduce or mention her to those on other courses?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • im SO tired of seeing this person!

    • Sorry, just trying to get some opinion from experts like yourself. There was an error in one of the other posts.

    • Who do you prefer and why may I ask?

      What do you make of them?

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What Girls Said 4

  • I will choose B, if I was a guy I would avoid a girl like A

  • Why are you stealing their pics?

  • Are you posting links on everyone else's post or just mine?

    • Was looking for some advice on above and your opinion. You seemed like a wise person from your post!

  • B, because A sounds like a jealous bitch and I would stay away from jealous people. B sounds like a very nice girl and is prettier. Maybe she's very dirty in the bedroom what you don't know yet.

    • Agreed!! I think you're spot on.

      A is very attention seeking. She doesn't want anyone in our friendship group to meet B who is on her course? Is she jealous and isn't that selfish? Also why would A suck her finger at me?

      B sounds really nice and I agree with you. I think she is sooo pretty!!! Maybe she is, and I would love to find out, but A changes the subject or tries to keep guys away from B?

      If I think B is prettier, and a vision of a girlfriend, why do I feel turned on at A's stare and mouth?

    • A is just good for a tease, but as girlfriend material is B way better. I think A kind of has a thing for you, but I wouldn't respond to it. Hang out with B more.

What Guys Said 7

  • Annoying repetition.

  • You again? Ugh

  • This is the 4th time I see those girl here. Are you a creep who steal their pictures? Or are you one of those girls who makes a fake account here to know which one is the "prettiest"?

  • B. A looks like a skank.

    • Yeah B is really pretty!!

      How do you mean about A? Her stare is kinda a turn on..

      Also what do you make of the personality descriptions?

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    • well i prefer B... call it a bias, but meh, i'm human.

    • I prefer B too!

      Why does A kinda arouse if preference is for B?

  • dude just smash both if you can

  • B. Simple. She is hotter ;)

  • Why do you keep posting the same stuff about these pictures over and over and over.

    • What do you make of the update about personality and why A doesn't want guys to meet B?

    • I'll just have a 3some with both of them

    • The thought of that is hot.. kinda think B is prettier tbh and sounds nicer.

      A is really dirty kinda hot tho? Why does A still arouse, if preference is for B?

      Why does A try to stop guys meeting B?

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