My boyfriend is a selfish lover. What can I do to change this?

So I was giving my boyfriend a blowjob the other day and accidently cut his dick when I grabbed it, with my nail. So he was complaining about it hurting. In his defense it was a pretty bad little cut. So fast forward a day or two and I'm horny, I'm ready to go and he basically turns me down. I'm noticing that unless he wants to have sex right at that time, we won't have sex. Whereas I on the other hand will be ready to go anytime he throws it out there. So he turned me down and said the cut was bothering him and he wanted it to heal before we did anything. So I said alright well you can just get me off because I do the same for you when I'm on my period, persay. I always perform oral before sex. He, 9 times out of 10, won't even touch my vagina before sex. So I tell him that I want him to get me off and he straight up just says no, so I brought up the fact that I do it for him and he acts like he's sleeping. Another morning he was thrusting against me, the way guys do in the morning when they're trying to let you know they're horny, and wanting him to instigate things more I didn't do anything about. He turned around and kept telling me to come cuddle him which basically means I want you to come over here, rub my tummy sensually and work your way down to my cock, but I was a little frustrated about always having to do the doing. So he got up to pee and I heard him brush his teeth, he came back and I told him since he already brushed his teeth he can get himself a little wet so I don't have to get up and brush mine. He flat out said no. So I said ok well just touch me and I'll get wet on my own. Again, flat out no, with no remorse for my feelings. So I got up, brushed my teeth, fucked him because I was horny and left to work without another word. It honestly hurts my feelings so much. What can I do to make him be a better lover. He's not selfish in any other ways unless you expect a backrub as many times as you give him one. other than that he's great. Suggestions?
My boyfriend is a selfish lover. What can I do to change this?
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