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Can you explain this FANTASIES of a female acquaintance, bit long but please HELP?

This girl L, who I know at halls (I don't view her as a close friend) has been suggestive to me. She has a boyfriend (which she didn't mention before, I found out from others) and is very attention seeking. One day, she directly looked at me at a breakfast and sucked her finger. Another time she put her bare feet on my lap when a couple of us postgrads were hanging out.

At a celebration dinner, when discussing girls, another girl suggested I might be a match for V, a girl in the year above and L's mentor. L suddenly changed the subject saying she's not his type. Now why did she do that? I've heard about V, her personality sounds great and she's apparently popular. She looks very pretty as well. L is the only girl I know who knows V. I don't know how to meet V given thousands of people on campus.

1. L giving me a footjob, being a little dominant and me enjoying it.
2. L on her knees sucking me off and begging for me to give her a facial. L is really really dirty and I enjoy it. She tries to be dominant over me, but at the end she is a little degraded.
3. V is my girlfriend and one day we decide to have a threesome. L secretly manipulates the situation so the girl we were going to do it with is away, so last minute L offers to help her mentor out. She pretends like she never knew me. Both V and L give me a double bj. It's really sexy. V is more romantic and I feel connected to her. With L, she's so dirty and it's really hot? She starts to outdo V and show off her skills. It's either V and L blowing me, or just L. I enjoy it and cum on V who then tells L "you're not his type".

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4. Same as 3, this time, from standing, L guides me to sit down. Then V is on the floor and L moves to kneel next to me on the couch so she is dominant over V. I kinda like it when she is taking me for herself and she is so dirty? Eventually I cum for both, mainly for V in her mouth and on L's face?
5. Same as 3. I sit down. V is on the floor and L lies down next to me, head in my lap. She sucks so seductively I love it. I caress her head, whilst she looks at V and then me, then eyes closed.
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It feels intimate and I love it. Moaning her name, I eventually cum on both mainly on L (65%).
6. Same as 3. L tries to outdo V and succeeds. I like it and encourage her. She masturbates V who orgasms. L gets me to cum for them 100% on L's face and she is happy?
7. Same as 3. L starts to dominate over V. V starts to work harder which I like. I have intercourse and only kiss V. I cum a tiny bit for L on her face, but mainly for V (90%). L is upset she couldn't win my attention?
Can you explain this FANTASIES of a female acquaintance, bit long but please HELP?
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