Whats the beat way to seduce a guy?

I've been with guy for 2 years but we haven't had sex for 6 months due to religious reasons. We used to have a very crazy and satisifying sex life, but we don't even kiss anymore. Recently, he's been dropping hints that he's ready to start back up the sex... YAY! But I'm nervous, self-conscious, and don't want to offend him. The hints... he asked me how my panties felt when i put them on in the morning, he told me i'm really pretty, he told me he was horny the night b4 (but he didn't tell me when we were chilling the night b4 only the next morning when we saw each other), we watched cinemax porn for hours. But he's not making a move and I think he wants me to do something. I don't know what though. I have a promiscuous past, no where near shy, but i'm super shy sexually with him. We have become very close and intimate during these past 6 months of no touching, and now i'm in my head and expect everything to be perfect. What should i do? How should i approach him? Just talk to him... tell him how just hanging out with him gets my panties soaked? Wear lingerie and just kneel in front of him? I have no clue! Help! Oh and yeah we are in love and i want to be respectful.
Whats the beat way to seduce a guy?
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