My man won't give me head! What should I do?

Once, when we started dating we tried the 69 and just plain up oral.
But since, he have never been giving me head, none at all, i keep asking for it, but he just won't. I asked him why not, but no answer except "i just don't like it"
Tried cleaning and shaving everything, but nothing. . . .

I don't receive a lot of attention, sexually. He get whatever he want, i'm open for it all. Furthermore he's vanilla, i'm a little kinky. (not a lot of exceitment in the bedroom - all vanilla stuff)

I have a very high libido, and his is very low. sex once a month is good enough for him.

Furthermore i'm thick, I'm big, tried losing weight but, nothing.

We've been together for over a year, so breaking up is not the solution.
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Okay, we had a kitchen talk, it's my look that's the problem, I'm too big.
loosing weight is the solution to libido and cunnilingus.

And breaking up with someone you really work with mentally is just plain up wrong!
It's not about who you can live with, but the one you can't live without.
- I find this to be very true.
My man won't give me head! What should I do?
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