I feel worthless. Need some help. Its about a girl. Give me ur honest opinion?

We had been texting for about a month. 11 th February i picked her up from her psycho bfs place.

Had a great day dispite of taking her dog to a shelter. We kissed and had sex. Dropped her off.

Next few days. He started stalking her sending millions of texts.. showing up in front of her door. To make matters worse, she is pregnant from him. he even treatrned to kill her and her unborn child. When she warned him he acts all depressed.

He wanted an abortion from the start. Later he shows up buying baby gifts. I dont know why she likes him. She left him 3 times before. He is on weed. Speed etc.. psycho. I have seen her fear whrn he showed up in front of her door. i was there. Yet she claims to love him.

Aftrr that Thursday it was never the same. Our text comversations were never that fun anymore. When i saw her she was distant. Last time i saw her i wasn't even allowed to touch her.

We only talk about her. She doesn't care anout how i feel. She even called me self centered. I pivked her up. Paid money to transfer her dog who was already afopted after 4 days.

She defenfs that worthless sh. t and today even contemplated going back. She admitted that she doesn't care about my feelings. i wrote her an angry text. Reminding her of him cheating, being agressive makimg dead treats etc.. and told her your not ready to be a mom or unworthy of being one. No love can comprise the situation that child would have to grow up in.

No normal mom wants a piece of filth like that around her child. She even keeps smoking since day 1 of her pregnancy.

She only reads what she wants to read. She arguied with me claiming i called her a bad mom which i never did.

Please tell me she is crazy. I know she used me. Her life is one giant mess
She a history of cocaine abuse. Im so doubting myself. I should have blocked her a long time ago. Please help me to shed some light on this giant mess.
I feel worthless. Need some help. Its about a girl. Give me ur honest opinion?
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