I'm I disgusting?

So I've did things I feel really bad about and it makes me feel gross.

I put my hands in my underwear and touch my vagina. Rubbing it, shoving my fingers in it. I even started putting objects In it. Like pencils, the tip of my razor, and my lip stick bottles. I'd shrove this ( not all at once) into my Vagina. One time I had to pee I shoved my finger into my pee hole while I was peeing and one time I tried braiding my pubic hair. Sometimes I finger myself then smell my hand and sadly I liked doing it. I even tasted my own cum. I grabbed a mirror spread my legs and started peeing so I could see which hole I was peeing from. I actually wanted to watch myself pee all the way. but I didn't want to get caught so I stooped. But I found it kinda gross but interesting to watch.

I feel kind of ashamed of this. Very ashamed. I can't believe I even did this stuff. I feel like crap and I recently have been feeeling awful about it.. I feel so gross and dirty I almost wanna cry.
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I'm I disgusting?
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