Men who don't like women, how would you prefer things to be?

If it was okay to treat women like slaves, torture them, hurt them and be as cruel as you wanted how far would you take it?
It seems to be a common opinion on GAG that lots of men think women are terrible and deserve ill treatment (lots of men also don't I know.) So if you could design the world how bad would you make it for us? Keep us in the kitchen having as many babies as you think we should have, beat us when we don't give you sex, beat us if we reject you, make rape legal, make it illegal for us to get an education or even learn to read or drive? Make female genital mutilation a worldwide thing and sew our vaginas shut so you can slice open our healed wound and have sex with us and know that no one else has, and cut our clits out so that sex is never enjoyable for us. Make child marriage legal all over the world so that old men can have a young girl if they want? Bring back foot binding and snap our feet in half so we can never run and will be too crippled to ever get away from you or fight well? Force prostitution and porn work? Make bride burning or acid attacks legal in case you get tired of a woman? Would you even feel bad at all or do you only have sympathy for only men because you view women as so inferior? I wanna know how you guys tick and what makes you want to hurt us and take our freedom so badly. I know that most guys are not like this but many of those who are seem to flock to GAG because they know women will be reading what they say, and they want us to see it. If you want me to see it then put it all down here, I'm curious how deep the hate goes and how far you would go if given complete control of the world. These are things that men all over the world do or have done because they hate women, would you want to do any of these things too? Is it all talk, or would you honestly do any of these things with pride and no conscience?
Men who don't like women, how would you prefer things to be?
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