Is he a jerk or am I just bad in bed?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend because I found out he was secretly online dating and lied about it, he began growing distant and lied to me a lot so I decided to leave him.
Im a little overweight so I feel really insecure about my body. He said how beautiful and sexy my body was and I always tried to keep things interesting in bed e. g give him a blowjob change positions etc. At first our sex life was really passionate and he always complimented me on how good sex with me was. After a while I began to feel insecure around him (after still seeing him online) I felt he was shopping around for a better model, but because I liked him so much I kept quiet. He watches a lot of porn and tells me he masturbates quite a lot but most of the time he would cum quick and then the 2nd or 3 rd round would last a reasonable time. I'm quite insecure to get on top as I hate my stomach but would still do it to please him but I always changed positions for e. g doggystyle or reverse cowgirl and when in missionary after offering to change he would say no it feels too good dont move. The last 2 times we had sex he said that I was lazy! I broke up with him but felt the need to give him one more for old times sake to prove him wrong! He told me during our break he had added his ex girlfriend on Fb someone he's always had a crush on which really didn't make me feel good. During sex I got on top and he said yes it's about time you put in some work! The sex felt passionless we barely kissed and I just wasn't feeling it, we had sex for hours and he kept complaining that he couldn't cum and in the end I gave him a blowjob whilst he wanked off and eventually came. He's since tried to contact me but I'm ignoring him as he's added over 100 girls on since we broke up. I know my insecurity may have put him off but it's not like I just laid there like a dead fish, he likes everything to be fast paced and I basically feel like a rubber dolly. Is he a jerk or am I a massive fail :( ?
Is he a jerk or am I just bad in bed?
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