Is this cheating 😪?

I did something so bad :( i need to know if this is cheating?
I don't know why I did it but ah. So me and my partner have been going out for almost 3 years. He's such a lovely guy (most of the time). He can be so horrible when he's annoyed, he made me cry last night and he said "yeah cry, bitch" but for the most part he's amazing. And I can be pretty mean too.. But anyway, I've got a fake profile on Facebook with another girls photo and another name. On that profile I added an old sexual partner. I added him a few months ago when me and my partner broke up for a period of time, today I started talking to him again, and he said 'if you want to fuck then just say so". So I don't know why, but I flirted back 😥 And then we started sending photos, he sent me a photo of his penis, and I sent a photo of my breasts but they were covered by my hair, and I sent a photo of my butt, but I was wearing undies, (NOt a g-string). So I feel so bad :( if I told him he'd end it with me, (which he has every right to) but I love him, and I'd never do it again.
Don't tell him, delete the fake profile and NEVER do it again
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Tell him and hope for the best
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It's not cheating but don't do it again.
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Is this cheating 😪?
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