Would I be a dumb fool if I continued to see this dude?

I'll spare the details, but we have been hanging out & having sex a few times for a couple of months now; we are in different colleges. I asserted to him last week that if we were to continue having sex it would have to be exclusive because if he's pulling out, if I give oral, or anal, then I want a safe & clean dick. He agreed, said he wasn't talking with or seeing anyone else.

Then I found out he made arrangements to invite a girl over to his place next week in the evening. Obviously to have sex, that was the plan.

As people have stated, there shouldn't be rules or whatever when it's just sex but I disagree. It's about having respect for someone (just because it's just sex does not mean you should not be honest and respect the other person) & if there are rules to abide by them because there are 2 people involved. It's mature and being a decent human. So I am pissed. He lied to me. I don't want to have sex with him because that's nasty. I don't even know where his dick has been now. Should I confront him or just completely ignore him? We have plans to get together this next week. We were really going to get freaky too; and now I feel stuck. I'm SO turned off by him that the idea of having sex with him makes me want to vomit. I think he's pathetic. If he has a sexy chick giving him whatever he wants why would he go chasing other tails?

1) should I confront him about the other chick
and 2) i should no longer see him right? He disrespected my wishes and I am not overreacting?
Would I be a dumb fool if I continued to see this dude?
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