Help? Have your bf/gf ever shot you down?

My boyfriend n I argued he said during the argument that 2 of his ex fuck better than me and he said my pussy nasty in every argument he mentions my pussy stink ik I don't he apologies for it every time I had seen a doctor 5x to be on the safe side they said nothing wrong n referred me to therapy they think im delusional. a couple days after we talked he admit that they do I'm not so offended because I literally lost my virginity at 19, I'm 21 now and only had 4 people in my past I had sex with. Compared to his ex whom is 47 he said she gives good head n is aggressive that she just takes initiative n likes anal all the time he says I just wait till he wants to have sex. Ik I took iniative before n given him surprise morning sex a few times I had anal sex once. He said another ex she's like in her late thirties she dress up in costumes. And he says the other she's 35 she is loud. I'm loud but I hold back n when I don't he thinks I'm faking. He doesn't always give me what I want in bed so that is also why I can't achieve an orgasm with out clitoral stimulation I explain this to him b4 n now he refuses to go down there when I want him too he only goes down a few literally like one day out of an entire month he bearly did it b4 i told him I like oral sex as well as he does. I don't know if he did for his ex girls IDC but after we talked n I listen to him telling me how bad I am in bed I kinda took it into two perspectives on the negative spectrum I figure he should of kept the fact that his exes are better to himself and just told me what he feels about my skills in a better way than making me feel humiliated on the bright side I figured he was expression what I don't do to please him n wanted to suddenly be honest after dating a year n having a child with me. I wanted to give up on sex with him but I figured to just probably take a chance n up my skills last night my period finally stopped we were alone I sees this as a good opportunity I took a bath got all fresh n clean then decided to
It's me and I'm that bad I traumatized him?
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It's him and he just won't tell me what it is?
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I should practice and research to learn new stuff and wait until he is ready to test it?
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I should give up on sex with him?
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Help? Have your bf/gf ever shot you down?
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