Guys, Guys why are you like this?

I've never been the type to say all guys were the same, in fact I'd always be mad at girls for saying things like this because I felt she shouldn't be blaming all men for her poor choices. However, the more I'm on here and the more I go through life I'm starting to wonder, "is the majority of guys like this?"

Why do so many guys not take a girl seriously when they first meet? When I meet a guy he is the only person I'm talking to because I hope to build a relationship with him. My boyfriend is one of the sweetest guys you'd ever meet, but in the beginning of our relationship and while still in the talking stage he was flirting with other women and trying to get other girls. Nothing ever happened, but knowing that fact hurts. He never has an explanation for me, just feelings of guilt.

My dad and my grandpa have cheated on women, my uncles have cheated on women, my own brother. My friends have cheated on women, just about most of the men I've ever met have cheated. A girl asked a question about whether or not guys would date a pornstar. I was appalled by the responses. To me having sex with one is just as bad as dating her. It doesn't matter if you have no intentions of something serious why the hell would you give your body to someone like that?

Why do guys need porn? Why do guys need to be sexually loose? I don't understand it. Why do so many of you go around hurting people? Why is there even a desire to be as sexually deviant as possible?
Guys, Guys why are you like this?
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