Why do his friends all call me a snow bunny when I'm with him?

I've kinda been dating this boy since the beginning of the school year. I like him a lot... like he's so amazing and perfect I could talk all day about him lol. Well the problem is he has really rude friends. I can't post anything to my boyfriend's wall on tbd because if I do his friends will start asking him questions about me... nit appropriate ones either. Last month I posted this pic telling him how I felt, basically saying I live him and I'd never leave him. Well right after his friends started being mean saying who's the snow bunny their friend is fucking or stuff like that. So he deleted the pic... and that broke my heart because I was just trying to tell him how I felt and he got rid of it. And at school he doesn't go to lunch with them but walks around with me and we hang out. Well yesterday we where kinda getting really n2 it and well we got a little more intimate then we should have been doing at school... and again his best friend decided to show up and start saying stuff about us and r sex life and asking was I any good at what I was doing it did I enjoy my boyfriend touching me... my boyfriend told him to shut the fuck up and leave me alone but his friend is still rude. And no way will I tell him nit to b fire with the guy, my boyfriend has known him since he was a baby so way b4 me and I don't believe a girlfriend should ever say who her boyfriend can b friends with. I just don't like the mean comments or his friends assuming we r having sex or anything... it's really horrible feeling when I talk to some of them and they always assume because I'm the weird girl at school and a guy like my boyfriend likes me I must b some kinda kinky perv. I don't understand most of what they say with the snow bunny comments or half of what they r assuming me and my boyfriend do... how do I make them stop and not make my boyfriend lose his friends because of me? please help
Why do his friends all call me a snow bunny when I'm with him?
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